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Descriptions of Telehealth:

Patients in search of quality care for neurologic, musculoskeletal, and acute pain issues now have easier access to the expertise of a neurologist with neurologic subspecialty training, thanks to QC Medical Care. This comprehensive neurology & EMG group is a source for innovative and reliable care with telehealth visits now available.

Telehealth visits allow patients to experience the same quality of care offered in person and engages physicians in real time through video chat or phone call. With the increasing need for social distancing, it is now very important for patients to have the opportunity to maintain remote communication with their healthcare provider.

QC Medical Care have always been the forefront of patient-oriented neurology care, and by offering telehealth visits, they continue to provide this same amiability while utilizing digital technology so they can reach and serve more patients. These visits are a convenient alternative to traditional in-person care, as they are done from your home or any other private setting.

With telehealth visits, patients can save time, energy, and resources by connecting to experienced neurologists anytime and from anywhere. This can result in improved continuity of care and deeper understanding of their health issues. Also, these visits can help reduce costs associated with physical healthcare visits such as travel and waiting time.

At QC Medical Care, their neurologists and EMG experts take their many decades of experience and combine it with their online medical services to provide patients a better way to manage their care. Not only do they provide diagnostic studies and testing, but they also assist in developing personalized treatment plans while education potential caregivers.

Ready to take advantage of the convenience of telehealth visits? To safeguard patient safety, QC Medical Care works with a secure and encrypted, third-party platform to ensure all communication is secured and HIPAA compliant. To know more, visit their website and find information on how to make the most of their telehealth visits.

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