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Are you in search of a reliable medical practice to get a nerve conduction study?

Look no further, QC Medical Care is here to provide you a reliable and accurate nerve conduction study. 

QC Medical Care, a specialized NCS/EMG and pain management practice delivers comprehensive nerve conduction study services. A nerve conduction study is a test that measures the electrical activity of peripheral nerves and muscles. It is done to assess nerve injuries and neuromuscular diseases.

At QC Medical Care nerve conduction studies are carried out by highly skilled and certified technicians. The technicians use sensitive electrical equipment to measure the health of the peripheral nerves, including the median, ulnar, radial, and tibial nerves. During the test, a small electric shock is sent through a surface electrode to stimulate the nerve. The responses of the nerve are also recorded using small electrodes placed near the area being tested. After obtaining accurate results, the technicians use experienced doctors to interpret the results and provide diagnosis.

QC Medical Care also offers other services including EMG for conditions such as radiculopathy, nerve pain, musculoskeletal conditions, muscular disorders, myopathy, and intermittent claudication. The practice uses the latest technology and equipment for pain management services including spinal cord stimulation, radiofrequency ablation, and platelet-rich plasma injection.

Experience the best nerve conduction studies from QC Medical Care. With extensive experience and specialized services, you can trust us to provide accurate results. Contact us now to consult an expert neurologist and get reliable nerve conduction studies!

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